The Philosophy

The basic tenet on which ServiceNet was born was that a community always grows faster than an individual.
Hence, instead of focusing on developing software solutions that solve a specific issue, ServiceNet focuses
on the entire user journey and strives to build robust ecosystem to cater to that journey.
We have all seen that deploying great (read expensive) software does not result in great success stories unless
they are backed by robust processes and customer sensitivity. SN focuses on achieving this through:

1. Technology expertise gained through 15+ years of experience
2. Well designed back office systems and processes
3. Inclusion of stakeholders catering to a user journey

Our faith in this principle is evident by the fact that we work predominantly on a partnership model where our
rewards are completely governed by the cost and revenue benefit that we actually bring to our customers.

The Value

Apart from the cloud based managed service model which guarantees a ZERO capital investment for our customers, ServiceNet also leverages its industry expertise and wide network to:

1. Improve customer branding
2. Increase national and global reach
3. Optimize processes leading to a reduced cost
4. Develop additional revenue generation engines