The software is intended to be a front end to QuickBooks for Small Business. It will simplify the accounting process for small businesses. It will be for iOS and Android mobile operating systems with the ability to be used on smartphones and well as tablets.The business analyst is responsible for preparing the functional specification. The small cash basis business target markets including storefront, home based, independent consultants and construction contractors will utilize the software. The target user base will use the software to track daily, weekly and monthly results. Users will be allowed to enter basic transactions via mobile app. Basic reporting will also be available via the mobile app.
simpl3 simplifies your accounting so that you can concentrate on what you do best. simpl3 does this by operating as a reporting tool as well as an accounting tool.
simpl3 allows navigation by drilling down on numbers that you want more details about. This allows you to quickly and easily move around the app.
simpl3 allows easy entry of income and expense transactions. This allows you to quickly and easily enter your transactions during your day.
simpl3 screens are reports that can be emailed, texted, or printed. This allows you to quickly and easily send information to your tax or financial professionals.
The easy intuitive screens and navigation allows you to quickly and easily move around the app to see your current situation and enter transactions. Very little initial training is necessary from the start.
simpl3 uses the cloud, which means your data is secure and ready from mobile devices anywhere anytime. Freedom of movement is simpl3.
As an app, simpl3 allows you to quickly and easily enter your transactions on the go during your day, real time. No wait involved, just tap and go.



Vapour is a karmic rejuvenation of mind, body and soul. A cool watering hole that brews not just a variety of beer and never before beer-tails but also offers a host of your-kind-spirits laced with entertainment- from live music to house music. From gigs to superlative stuff to keep you enraptured.
The location is just perfect- on the famous mall road on MG Road. The parking- a plenty to park yourself whenever you want. The ambience fresh, edgy, smart and non obtrusive. The entertainment a mix of relaxation and pulsating. The place- not just a pub, a bar or a nightclub. But a unique concept of what you are made of- the way you like it. The mix from signature brews of beer to the most premium white, golden and brown spirits and the best from the mixology experts.
Vapour is one of the very few places in India to have an installed brewery. This installed brewery gives capacity to brew different kinds of beer. Pub brewery is a new concept in India and thanks to Haryana government’s most forward thinking for this particular concept and making Haryana as the first state to allow license for the same.
Yet it’s not just the shimmering brewery set up but the special signature. Vapor brews that you will love and come back for more. While a tasting ceremony will help you choose your mug or pitcher of premium, dark, lite or wheat, do try the Beer-tails and the Special Flavor of the month series.



Global Laboratory Solutions, LLC (GLS-USA),provide customers with high-quality laboratory solutions mainly in the area of scientific Laboratory Glassware and equipment. For over 35 years, they have been manufacturing a wide range of Laboratory Glassware as well as glass Pilot Plants and Reactors for process and laboratory equipment across the Globe. They have established our Warehouse and Headquarters in New Jersey to service our customers in the Americas.
GLS-USA, located in New Jersey, is a wholly owned subsidiary of a large Global Conglomerate with over 35 years of experience in manufacturing laboratory glass, laboratory plastic-ware and laboratory equipment. GLS also has a European facility operating in Germany.
GLS also has produced glass process components and glass process reactors for many chemical, oil and pharmaceutical companies throughout EMEA. Bahrain facility was established in 2000 and is a new state-of-the-art facility for glass, plastic and metal production as well as our site for lab equipment production.
Our US and European facilities were established to serve the Americas and European markets respectively. Our Bahrain Company also distributes for some of the leading equipment and instrument companies in the world. Ametek, Tecan and Koehler are a few of our trusted allies. We have historically enjoyed business relationships with some of the major Research, Educational and Petroleum Companies in the EMEA region.
GLS-USA is based in central NJ and facility that comprises a warehouse as well as customer service and technical service personnel. Backed by Global partners and the parent conglomerate, GLS-USA manufactures and markets world-class glass and plastic lab-ware, lab equipment and glass process pilot plants.
GLS has multiple manufacturing sites in India and Bahrain with laboratory glass, plastic and electronic equipment manufacturing capabilities.



This is a product made to keep track of employees in an organisation.It keeps track of employee projects.It also looks after the project resources.It simplifies the trask of project allocation and keeps track of it.It generates weekly project reports.
It also facilitates with timesheet. A timesheet is a method for recording the amount of a worker's time spent on each job. Timesheets records the start and end time of tasks. It contains a detailed breakdown of tasks accomplished throughout the project. This information is used for payroll, client billing, and increasingly for project costing, estimation, tracking and management. One of the major uses of timesheets in a project management environment is comparing planned costs versus actual costs,as well as measuring employee performance, and identifying problematic tasks.These timesheets are approved or rejected by respective managers.
Project expenses are also maintained.These expenses are approved or rejected by respective managers.



Ofteso is an E-Commerce company founded in 2015. It is online shooping store with a huge range of clothes,furniture,shoes, accessories and sweets. Allows customer to browse a limitless number of online products and product categories. Customers can add/remove and modify products to their online shopping cart. Intuitive checkout system minimizes online shopping cart abandonment. Dynamically calculates delivery costs in the online shopping cart based on shipping weight. Automatically generates and emails a Tax Invoice to your customer. SSL encryption for secure online transactions. Complete online inventory management along with ecommerce. Online order management systems. Third party payment gateway integration with the ecommerce system. Search Engine friendly catalogs and content management systems