RxNet is the platform to record the patient’s details for quality and convenience of the patients care. It allows doctor to access patients records and can diagnose the patient remotely. Using this platform, accuracy of diagnoses increases which increases health care outcomes. The information can be referred with other qualified doctors with one click



Why RxNet?

All data of the patient can be recorded in RxNet for better diagnosis. The physicians and surgeons can use this data for better health outcomes rather than depending on the patient to provide the manual records. The same manual records can be stored on RxNet.

The highly advanced hi-tech devices can be connected to RxNet to monitor the patient remotely. This helps patients to reduce their healthcare cost without compromising the quality. Considering the volatile situa-tion of the traffic scenarios in India, this is the best solution so that patient can be at home and still it’s doctor can monitor the health at 24x7 basis. This helps doctors to have virtual beds so that their revenue can be increased substantially.

RxNet has different roles in-built in the system like administration of the entire hospital, the physicians, the patient, accounting and front office.


Advantage of using RxNet

RxNet is the comprehensive platform to use by physicians or by hospital administration so that they can access pa-tients information very easily for better diagnosis and in turn better health outcome. The using the RxNet physicians or hospital management can get the following advantages:


A. Better Health Outcome: By maintaining the patients history online, the physicians can get better health outcome since they have information available on their screen for better diagnosis. RxNet helps save and retrieve the entire data pertaining to a patient including the prior procedures, medication, allergies etc. The physicians can refer the patient easily to another expert after getting approval from the patient. There is no need to have manual documents. It makes easier for other expert to go through the records easily and do the diagnosis better and quicker.
B. Substantial Cost saving for the patients: The high-tech health monitoring devices can easily connected to the RxNet. Hence the physician can monitor the patient remotely so that the patient can save the cost of hospitalisation by considerable margin.
C. Competitive Advantage for the Physicians: The physicians or hospital management can increase their revenue having additional beds ready for more additional patient as well they have virtual bed at their patients home. The diagnosis will be better hence the better health outcome.

How does RxNet work?

RxNet provides a robust software platform and a strong back-office support to cost effective solution for the physicians, hospital management and patients..

ServiceNet will partner with various physicians and hospital managements who are interested in this initiative. ServiceNet will provide necessary customization as well as operational support. ServiceNet will provide demo and training to all physicians and hospital management staff so that they use RxNet effectively. Once patient is registered or admitted to the hospital, the staff can start recording his/her medical history along with geographic and personal details required for diagnosis.

These details are secured and cannot be shared with anybody without prior approval form patient and attending physician or surgeon. However these details can be easily referred to other experts if required.

All payment details report, history report, geographic or the personal details report required for medical treatment can be generated easily from RxNet. ServiceNet provides tablet to physicians so that he/she can access the medical record of the patient easily.


Features of RxNet


Registration and Maintenance of Patients history
Tracking Appointments / Visits
Tracking Payments
Generating History Report
Generating Payment Reports
Configurations and Tracking of Procedures
Message sharing facility between patients, physicians and recom-mended physicians
Sharing Patients information / history details to recommended physicians
Customization and Help Support
Tablet for Physicians and Medical Management (*conditions apply)