Virtual Campus provides an integrated approach through which industries can participate in the grooming process of the students so that the industry orientation and awareness of various functions within the industry can be imparted to the students as part of their graduation.
This will help companies to create a larger pool of relevant skill set who could later become the employees, customers or business partners of the company

The current Employability scenario


Last year, ServiceNet conducted a survey of students across five different regions across the country to identify the current skill level and the gaps existing in the development of the same.
A total of 35 engineering colleges were covered as part of this study and employability of the students across these Institutes was measured based on the feedback from around 20 companies who conducted their recruitment drives in these Institutes.
The gap in the skill set requirement and availability can be primarily attributed to lack of industry exposure and difficulty faced by Institutes to create the same.



An Opportunity

There is openness amongst Institutes to have a closer interaction with Industries to bridge this gap. What is required hence is a platform that can facilitate this interaction in a more organized way without creating additional overhead for the participating company.
Many Institutes have implemented Virtual Campus platforms to help them with their teaching efforts. The Virtual Campus platform hosts teaching material for the university syllabus. Companies can use similar platforms to create a learning center to impart industry specific learning to the students during their final year of graduation.
Companies can create a training program suited to the requirements of the company which will be offered to students online. The training will culminate in a certification test that will give the company a good view of the knowledge gained by the students about the company, its operations and the associated technologies.



What is Virtual Campus?

The primary aim of a Virtual Campus is to provide a bridge between industries, institutes and students. This enables an increased reach for all the actors involved in graduate placement along with increased convenience and reduced overhead costs.
Industries can leverage this platform to access bright and promising students from multiple institutes at a single location. The platform is also capable of providing screening and test capabilities which can further reduce the operational overhead incurred by the company in this process.
Virtual Campus also helps Companies to pre-train the students based on their requirements even before the commence-ment of the selection process.




Our app mVCampus, offers a unified experience, recording your progress anywhere, anytime. Users can access all of the website’s content, your account, study material, video, pdfs, assignments etc ..






Benefit to the Company

The entire process can be beneficial to the company in multiple ways:
 Create a pool of skilled resources who are employable by the company
 Reduce the learning curve of the candidate after he joins the company thereby reducing the cost to company in terms of non-productive duration of the candidate
 Improve brand awareness of the company and its products
 Create a potential user base with complete knowledge of various products and its application
 Create potential business partners

Bringing Reliability and Convenience to your Desk

In addition to being hosted on a grid computing platform to ensure high availability and being secured with a 124 bit SSL security, the Virtual Campus platform brings business intelligence to your desk through its sta-tistical analysis engine.
Companies can view trends and distribution of students applying for their respective campus based on various parameters like Merit, Region, Colleges, Universities
In addition to this, Companies will also be able to view the general trends in Campus placements based on the loca-tion, timings, offerings etc.
The intent of this is to help companies with their HR branding effort. The changes in the market scenario brings about change in a student’s perception of his career. Virtual Campus aims at bringing this predictive analysis to the companies in order to help them attract the best talent available.


Process Transparency


Companies will be able to view real-time data about the stu-dents applying to their respec-tive institutes. This will include the resumes, education data and the entrance test results.
The data is divided based on the qualification criteria ena-bling companies to view all the students who have applied and the students who have passed the eligibility criteria.
Company can download the various details of the student directly from the site and also post general and student spe-cific details.